Why do purebred cats cost so much? 

Breeding cats is an expensive business! The cost of a purebred kitten includes the effort put into bringing them into the world and a 1-year warranty for genetic diseases. A purebred kitten means individual character and special appearance.

How can I order a kitten? 

Please inform us of your intention and make sure the kitten you want is available before sending payment. After confirmation, reserve a kitten you like via Paypal on our website.

How can I pay for the rest? 

An invoice for the remaining amount will be sent via email if we organize the delivery. Pay online by credit card no later than 2 days before the delivery date. If you pick up the pet yourself, pay on the spot on the pickup date.

Why is the delivery date approximate? 

Each kitten goes through a standard process before being ready to fly, affecting the delivery date. The final decision on the delivery date is made by the seller with the veterinarian’s recommendation. Delivery is carried out through third parties.

Why do I have to wait so long for my kitten? 

We work with breeders from Europe. Every kitten has to get at least 2 PCH and rabies vaccines before coming to the USA. We bring kittens to the USA after they are 16 weeks old. If your kitten is already 16 weeks old, necessary pick-up or shipping arrangements can be made.

How does pet cargo shipping work? 

The cost is $550 regardless of the location. You have to pick up your kitten at the cargo facility at your airport.

What does “shipping with a nanny” mean? 

We fly with the kitten in a cabin. You pick up your kitten at the airport. The cost is between $600-900.

I don’t want to neuter/spay my kitten, what should I do? You can buy the breeding rights from the breeder or neuter/spay the kitten yourself later.

Can I transfer my deposit for another kitten? 

No, deposits are not transferable for other kittens, except the one you have chosen.

How do I receive my kitten’s pedigree? 

Some breeders charge an additional fee for pedigree papers. We recommend using organic cat litter and feeding grain-free food for kittens.

What kind of payment do you accept? 

We accept deposits via Paypal and the rest of the payment via cash, Venmo, or Zelle upon picking up the kitten.