Welcome to the world of Kitty Land Cattery, a place where we are passionate about helping families find the ideal feline companion. Our team is committed to making the process of adopting a cat a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. We understand the joy and love that cats can bring to families, and that is why we go above and beyond to ensure that our kittens are healthy, well-loved, and well-cared for.

Our cattery partners with the best European catteries, such as AlbostarUA, BastettoUA, and Romanoff Hause, which are officially registered by WCF International. The parents of our kittens participate in exhibitions and receive high marks from experts from all over the world according to the WCF and TICA systems. At a certain age, they also undergo ultrasound testing for genetic diseases such as polycystic kidney disease and cardiomyopathy (PKD & HCM).

At Company Name, we place a high value on the health and wellbeing of our pets. All parents undergo tests in licensed laboratories for viral diseases such as viral immunodeficiency of cats (FIV) and viral leukemia (FeLV). Additionally, upon request, we can provide genetic tests from the parents of your chosen pet.

Our kittens are raised in a loving environment and are not kept in cages. We ensure that they receive the best care possible so that they can grow up to be healthy, happy, and affectionate. Studies have shown that having a cat can have a positive impact on children, helping them develop greater empathy and leading to increased self-esteem and participation in social and physical activities.

At Company Name, our primary objective is to help you find the perfect pet for your family. All of our cats are vaccinated against feline infections such as feline panleukopenia (fever), viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and rabies. We also microchip all of our cats for their safety and your peace of mind.

Come and visit us at Kitty Land, and let us help you find your new best friend. With our team of passionate cat lovers and healthy, well-cared-for kittens, you can be confident that you are making the right choice for your family.